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My comment will exceed the set limit of words by an approximate value of 10^9 . I know you guys hate me for writing so much bullshit but once I started I just can't stop it. I'm bleeding out if you want so. here we go:

I had already written a two-pager full of excuses and explanations why the video is ... well, just how it is. Luckily my buddy Anthony brought me back to earth with the kind and polite words (and I quote):

"You're so dumb sometimes, Niklas (and that's in a non offensive context). You always feel like you have to explain your shit to people. Fuck 'em. You have your reasons why you did things. It's their job to analyze and translate it. Tell them all to fuck off (and you can quote me)."

I guess that's what I did now.

As far as this statement literally radiates wisdom, I couldn't do else but care about it (at least in the beginning of this writings). Nevertheless, I think I should at least explain the title, because the past proved that the majority of our beloved audience does not bring up the needed respect for the editor and his choice of names for HIS OWN work. Interpret as much as you want; I still give you the explanation now. The name "Eve" arose of a certain seed in my mind, a reason that couldn't possibly be simpler. I - like - the - word. In all honesty, there's nothing more to it than that. It's not referred to as abbreveation of the word 'evening', nor is it a name of a particular person. I just like the name. If I'll happen to meet a girl carrying this lovely name or one that could be related to as Eve, I'll rush into immediate action and convince her why she has to marry me (jahaha my ass)(oh, except if this girl just knocked down my dog, that I'm about to buy some shiny day, with her car [I'm planning to call it {the dog} either 'Cat' or 'Eve' btw]).

Enough about the stupid but beautiful title now. I wanna go on by mentioning the set of songs I chose. I picked out some of the most amazing pieces of aural art I've had the chance of listening to in my entire life until this very day, performed by artists who I simply admire (those artists are: Joel Nielsen, Brian Transeau, Destroy the Runner), whereas my special attention was, is, and always will be drawn to Brian Transeau (better known as BT). Style internally this isn't a new story to tell but I don't wanna miss the chance to utter this delicate statement here as well: I would convert to homosexuality for Brian. He's the most interesting, sympathic and multi-layered character I know (and I know nothing about him - isn't it amazing?). I admire his work, his look, his messages he blesses us with in interviews or simply with his music, his hair style, his studio, his attitude towards life, himself - summed up: He's the man for me (Joe Jackson isn't - he can go on singing he is until I grow a full beard). Okay, enough with the confessions and back to the topic.

I considered the competition a chance to do something unconventional and unexpected, both for the audience and myself, and I think that I succeeded. Before I go on, I want to hinder you from ever comparing this to 'Castor Fiber'. I don't know why one might feel the urge to do so but I have to say it, maybe because I see some minor similarities between Eve and CF myself, especially concerning the usage of songs or the attitude the respective editor had while working. CF was released the 13th of January, 2007. The decision for the overall calm style of 'Eve', which in first hand was caused by the song I chose, was made even before we announced the competition (that was on the 26th of December, 2k6). At that time, I was about to start over again with the Connolly movie for the 20th time or so but things developed differently when I decided to compete in the compo. When I started editing I didn't have a plan where I was going at all. The clips were recorded and I just filled the gaps between the actual ineye frag sequences with additional footage, i.e. cams, some mirv abusing, etc. I also drew back on secondary footage because not all demos I got from Connolly pleased me that much. That's the reason why the footage is varying a lot although there's a definite domination based on Connolly.

About the concept of the contest: Doing what you like, which means exercising a hobby and mixing it with another passion of mine, the music, was a great idea of Anthony in my eyes. You would think that I always worked with music I liked but nothing I worked with so far had such an astonishing impact on myself. The admittedly impressive footage I had to work with in the end added up to the possible fun this competition could have become. As far as I decided to be the most honest person on earth from now on, I feel engaged to tell you the truth about how it turned out: I freaking hated the contest. I was so stressed as I've never been before because, of course, Little Nikky had to take this sooooooooooooo serious again but decided to do so approximately 10 days before the 20th of February, which was the deadline. I spent ours and ours in front of the PC in order to get something decently looking done, I abandonned school life, and any remarkable social contacts apart from friends on the internet. Well, and what can I say? Of course I wasn't satisfied with the result of my work. Luckily, the overwhelming reactions by those guys I deeply care about (cristal for example or the entire style crew, especially Anthony) made me think in another way about it now. I think by the help of this competition I realized what movie editing is all about. I managed to recover the most important idea you need to have in order to enjoy the hobby: I create videos for myself, for no one else. By releasing a video I only let the audience take concern in the joy I should feel. There was a long period I thought about this in another way, but by today I can tell you that I'm cured of the disease that is characterized by a heavy lack of motivation, a disease the majority of befriended editors suffered from recently. This is the reason for my following decision: I kept all the uncompressed avis as well as all project files which I created in the process of Eve's making (appromixately 428 files [using 182,83 GB storage]).

Some day in the future I will start working on it again: maybe I will add some stuff, maybe I will remove some stuff, maybe I will change entire parts, maybe even add another frag part or maybe even something entirely converse to the current stuff. At the moment, I'm not even sure whether the future content will be based on game footage. Being heavily inspired by Brian Transeau I might do something personal, maybe a music video type of thing. Who knows? I don't. But I do know that I will let some time pass until I will grab the editing tools again to work on my personal 'Eve' in order to enjoy the work.

That's all. Thank you, world. Thank you for watching/listening/reading/living/loving/bt/cristal/style/me/some others. Now enjoy your life.



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