Counter-Strike     2006     Frag Movie

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[General information]

NOTE: This movie contains TWO audio streams - Media Player Classic -> Navigate -> Audio Language -> Chose between "Unknown0" (+ingame sounds) and "Unkown1" (-ingame sounds)

Duration: 10:00 Minutes (exactly 15000 frames)

Framerate: 25 fps

Video-stream: 2875 kbits/s AVC - Audio-stream1/-stream2: 145 kbits/s vbr AAC

HDD space in use: 223,36 GB (all clips, pre-rendered clips, 894 MB of rared demos, the uncompressed movie avi for AVC encoding and what not)

[Players listing]

Jacobson - Ants - Ionz - Micro - Madcat - Nort - Elude - Deaq - Derosa - Siyxx - Osh - Gk - Supply - Funk - Ben - Frod - Blackpanther - Lin - Nook - Silver - Pinekone - Zonic - Chan - Bofink - Orgasmo - Boms - Vince - Skunky - Knet - Sadlisa - S8tan - Hostile - Dsn - Dynamo - Phantom


Pez - Electry - Bunny-Burning - Fu3l3d - Foolio - Connolly - Xyanide - Pava - Fistor - Reflex - Feidi - Tobbet - Pawnile - Luken - Nia - Stalker - Deaq - Quick - Toxik - Luis and Ratquirit (forgot those two in the outro)

[Editor`s note]

So here we go again, just another CRZYFST movie is released and I have to tell you: I hate it. But as far as this statement is just as stupid as saying "I love the movie", you shouldn`t really take care of what I say and just get your own opinion - maybe you agree and we can be friends^^. The reason why I (kind of) hate it is probably that the movie was 90% done by the end of December. The only missing parts were intro and outro. Editing on those didn`t take too much time then but since I firstly got my lazy ass up to work at end of April, it doesn`t surprise that the movie was delayed for such a long time. The fact that it took me so much time to create brought me into the position that I now got to justify myself for using specific songs, ideas or demos which already appeared in other movies in the meantime. Would I have released the movie at the end of 2005, I maybe would have gained some more good votes because there were some "good" and unused ideas but now I can just do what some people call damage limitation. As shao`s very own fei once said: "This is what happens when you`re slow."
So I guess I have to live with it and can only try to gain some more experience from my stupid behaviour instead. If you think an idea would be stuck in your mind and never come to another one`s, then you will realize that you live in some kind of a dream world. In this context I`d like to prevent you from telling me negative things about my 4th cs flick which I already know about:

1. Yes, Andy Hunter`s "Come On" was already used in "The underground 3" and - believe it or not - I had the song from the day Hunter`s new record "Life" was released.

2. Yes, Celldweller`s "Shapeshifter(s)" was used in the akjuii-movie made by dqn - it was easy to conjecture that the song would appear in one of the next movies to be released when the song appeared on the internet for the first time. Since Celldweller lives with such a hype after "Ruination" became a success, it actually is the only song in my movie that I`d call a mainstream song nowadays. It was therefore pretty naive to think or hope that the song would resist getting used in a cs movie until the time I had the chance to do.

3. One of the ideas that I liked the most speaking about my new movie was the usage of two audio streams: one w/ and one w/o ingame sounds. I`m pretty sure that the trailer isn`t that widely spread on the internet but a few visitors of might know about moswanted`s "The Unsigned Hype"-teaser. But again, trust me or let it be, the idea came to my mind the first time when I watched "Tricking-it 2". That was around August 2005 when I joined #temporal and finally got interested in other gaming movies except from cs movies.
Please don`t get me wrong: I`m not tryin to convince you that I was the first one to come up with this idea - how could I after mentioning "Tricking-it 2"? What I`m actually trying to do is, as I said before, to prevent you from posting comments in which you charge me for exactly copying other moviemakers` ideas without giving an explanation how I came to the idea.

4. The fourth point to mention for me would be the demos which I used for the project. I was pretty close before encoding the final result when I watched "New Colony 2" by Ravish from #ncarts. He didn`t only use some of the demos I`m showing you in this movie now - he also used some I didn`t use so far but was looking forward to work with for another project (those demos are: bullen vs. norway; punkville vs. otd; pinekone vs. fnatic; blizzard vs. dkh; dsn vs. dj unt friends). It was pretty surprising for me though I new Ravish was making a movie out of known and unknown players` demos. I came to the same decision that I would mix known and unknown players after watching some demos I received when "Confusion Bay" was released. I just came to the conclusion that the skill level of the protagonists as well as the skill level of the opponents was too low to fill a whole movie with their frags.

Of course, I didn`t even think about changing something on the movie what is more than easy to understand if you think about the disappointments I had already faced before watching NC2.

So now - finally - I released it and I have to say that it feels so good to get rid of all the struggle I went through in the production process. I finished this whole project with a new installment of my operating system to get my hard drives cleaned from all the soil or dirt this project has left behind, meaning useless psd-, aep- and veg-project files, as well as hundreds of temporarily rendered avi clips and txt files with ideas I once noted down.

So in the end, I just hope that you find at least a little fun in watching the movie. Additionally, I want to apologize to everyone who asked me for the movie for making them wait for such a long time. This is really something that annoys me terribly about myself and I can only hope to comfort you by promising that I will be trying to change this bad habit. At least for myself, I hope that I will be able to finish other projects of the future in time - hopefully without getting worse in moviemaking than I already am ;). If someone really made his way through all these words, I can only congratulate and thank you at the same time.

Thank you for reading and downloading this movie.

With kind regards



800 x 592 25fps x264 3067Kbps 230 MB
  • 0:16  song   Brand X Music: Bushido
  • 1:46  song   Andy Hunter: Come On
  • 4:27  song   Apartment 26: The Fear
  • 5:36  song   Cirrus: Unbreakable
  • 6:33  song   Celldweller: Shapeshifter (feat. Styles of Beyond)
  • 7:48  song   Pronobozo: Full Flex
  • 8:52  song   Deftones: Hexagram