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The best way to start this is probably by telling you about the genesis of this project. It was very simple, really. Since I was willing to make a cod2 movie, and didn't play the game myself, the idea of finding a "moviemakable" player started to grow on me. At this time, back2theroots had just been released, and I had already been amazed by MAXXUR's skills in stixxur 1&2, and other movies I'm not going to list. So, I simply came to find him on IRC, and boldly asked him for his demos. I was pretty much expecting a negative answer, or even, no answer at all. But actually, I got the exact opposite. After watching my previous works, he uploaded me a bunch of demos to work with...
So I had to become familiar with a game and a community I only knew from the few movies I had watched, and do it quickly.
That's a tough thing to do, but Bart (MAXXUR) really helped me on this, from the movie cfg to the explanation of what cod2 players expect from a cod2 movie.

All of this happened during November 2k6, the first avi file I used in the movie, after making some tests, was rendered the 26/11/06.
Here is an extract of what would be the 3rd time I ever spoke to Bart over IRC:

(sparXs-MAXXUR) btw the title ?
(sparXs-MAXXUR) MAXXURECTED sounds kewl
(sparXs-MAXXUR) i was planning on doing that movie once, but never came to it
(sparXs-MAXXUR) as a follow up to MAXXURIZED
(poutreRatquiRit) go for MAXXURECTED
(sparXs-MAXXUR) =D

As you can see, finding a name for the video didn't take much time, unlike the rest of the process...

Starting a new project has always been a lot of excitement for me, and MAXXURECTED hasn't been an exception : I had almost edited 50% of the movie before the end of the year.
2k7 started with a lot of stuff in my life. First off, I had to figure out where to study in September, and then, I had to work a lot to pass my exams, which I did.
With all that stuff going on, I almost lost any motivation to make a movie, especially dealing with cl_avidemo which must be the slowest capturing method available.
But I didn't give up, and hopefully, people will like the result of all this work as much as Bart and I do.

I have to say Bart gave me the strength to end this project, during the last week, his messages on msn showed me how much he wanted the movie to be released, and
I achieved the project thinking he was more impatient than me about that. Overall, the collaboration with Bart worked well, I believe I'm a lucky guy, and I think such a flawless
cooperation doesn't happen a lot when it comes to make a movie for someone. I must have sent like 100 betas to him, and he paid me back with the same amount of ideas, which hopefully resulted
in a better movie.
As you'll see, this movie differs a lot from other cod2 movies, starting with the color correction...and well, I was about to say new musics, but that wouldn't be 100% true since some of the
artists I used can be heard in the new "Overrated" movie featuring Davy...Luckily, goLd didn't use the same tracks as in mine, so it still can look fresh.

Number of demos used : 30
Disk space used : over 25Gb
Time of editing : 9 months

thanks to : SuR3, cem, phonic[9] and Kami for their support
special thanks to Morrigu for x264 encoding

  • 0:24  song   Immediate Music: Requiem Wave
  • 0:45  song   BT: Force of Gravity
  • 1:19  song   Infected Mushroom: Ratio Schmatio
  • 3:56  song   Infected Mushroom: Psycho
  • 5:04  song   1200 Micrograms: The Mayans Incas and Aztecs
  • 5:30  song   GMS: Rounders
  • 6:07  song   Infected Mushroom: Horus The Chorus
  • 7:49  song   Astrix: Sex Style