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First of all this will DEFINITELY be my last contribution to the quake world. Everything notable has been edited and Q3A just left my hdd.

This time it's pure cpm. Out of my own 250 "best-of" demos I ended up with the best... 70? Hence the length. Again a lot of first person mixed with occasional third person cams. I've orientated myself to movies such as Velocity and part 2 and I totally love all those power_of_heavy_metal competition movies over at youtube. They include dreamy but yet positive and energetic music combined with awesome first person runs.
Since quake is always a bit about experimenting this movie is split into two parts: Radiation 2 and Radiation 3. They are mixed together nicely with one audio track made out of releases by "Solar Fields" so that there is a straight consistency in the whole film.

So you can expect 28 minutes packed with nice records (there must be some skill being involved since 2004...), sweet shortcuts on well-known maps, those interesting map transitions you know from "MAZE" (except that they took me 5 days and not 3 years ;)), and encounters of a lot of old school maps, connected with a beautiful soundtrack. Enjoy!

Again: After a decade of Quake and Defrag I finally say farewell and hope you enjoy this last piece of mine. I thank you for all those joyful hours of gaming and it was fun to always aim for better times and beat the others. Without defrag I wouldn't be the one I am now (sounds dramatic but quake gave me for example this broad taste of music)
Huge thanks go out to Maverick who supported me by hosting this gorgeous site and posting news.

On youtube and here you can get the full movie meaning Radiation2 and 3 running right behind each other. You can also get part 2 and 3 singled from the download section. If you put both into a playlist they will just play fine like the full movie.
Since my network connection is too slow you should try out those two high quality parts; a link to the high quality full movie will follow.
The package of the demos of this movie and a lot of others (demos since 2004 from players all around the world) can be found in the download section.

1920 x 1080 50fps h264 10402Kbps 2 GB
1920 x 1080 50fps h264 11820Kbps 3 GB
1920 x 1080 50fps h264 14137Kbps 3 GB
1920 x 1080 50fps H264 23641Kbps 5 GB
7680 x 4320 120fps ultimatron 2837Kbps 600 MB
  • song   Solar Fields: Random Friday (edited)
  • song   Solar Fields: Discovering