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It's official: I suck at this.

A few sentences about this project:

When I finished my previous project (Slowmo'), I only took a small break before planning another project. Since my creativity sucks (lol) I started a thread about what movies to mimic/copy/whatever, but it was pretty useless. I was thinking about my two favourite movies: Eve and HUSH. See it as a tribute to them.
So here it is. Same editing, songs, hud and frags as in Eve and the same concept as HUSH: coloured lightmaps and white models. And I, kind of said that I would release this on my 1337th post, but it went faster. This is not my 1337th post, but I can tell you this: It's today the 13th of September, and the week is 37.


Since I didn't have all frags from Connolly, which is the main player in Eve, I used some frags from known players/moviemakers (mostly polish dudes, such as Oui, Slize and Zaknafein) and also my own frags (bots lol) + jumping on nuke. I didn't concentrate on how the frags were presentated or shown, I only focused on the editing and syncing.
The intro transitions aren't as good as in Eve, they are quite slow/no speed feeling in it, lol.
The sampling looks like shit, I know. I used 25 fps because HUSH used it, and I recorded with 100 fps to save some time and space (lazy). A couple of clips are recorded with 200 fps because I wanted a smoother sampling, but.. eh.. it took too long to capture! Anyways, by the way, the blinking lights at ramp, nuke, look so retarded, lol.
The song transitions aren't the best, but they are (almost) good enough.
And one last excuse: Since I had a deadline, I sometimes felt stressed and I didn't have the time to make it as I wanted to. But I guess I made it, with more than half a month to spare. And about the compression: damn juGGa, your Legion has made a good work. It compressed it down to about 9 MB/min. But its a low resolution, low fps and solid coloured walls, kind of, so no wonder :-P

* 800x480 (Eve)
* Lightmaps (HUSH)
* No Crosshair (Eve and HUSH)
* Deathnotices (Eve)
* Frags (Eve) note: I didn't find all of the frags.
* 25 fps (HUSH)
* Lenght (Eve) note: Not precisly the same lenght, but about 4 minutes.
* Sky (Eve) note: Default sky, so I didn't use a white sky, like HUSH used.

<3 Love to Niklas 'cRZYFST' Koep and Max 'pray' Engelhart for bringing Eve and HUSH to this world. <3

Sorry for the grammar errors, bad english, calling Zaknafein a polish dude and the mistakes in the movie. Some of the text in the outro are small jokes, so don't take it too personally.

800 x 480 25fps x264 1106Kbps 34 MB
  • 0:03  song   Joel Nielsen: Residue Processing
  • 0:48  song   BT: Dynamic Symmetry
  • 3:00  song   Destroy the Runner: Resolution