Privacy Policy
we aren't stealing your info, seriously

We care about your privacy so:

  • We aren't placing tracking cookies on your browser; we only use session cookies to maintain your login status
  • No advertisements run on this site, so you don't need to worry about third party cookies tracking you
    • However, we do integrate with Facebook, so you may or may not want to accept cookies from them
  • No special permissions are required to use the site, browse movies, or upload demos via the renderer
  • The renderer makes use of a YouTube API Client to access YouTube API Services for video uploading and adheres to the YouTube Terms of Service. Movies that are found to not meet the terms of service will be removed without warning
  • If you are a donator and optionally want to upload videos to your YouTube channel you can give permission to do so
    • Authorization is done via Google's authorization consent screen, so you must agree to the Google privacy policy
    • This permission is only used to upload videos to your own channel
    • Only the security token used to upload videos is stored for future uploads
      • You can manually remove this token from IGMDb by going to the renderer page and clicking the red "X" next to "My YouTube Channel" in the upload options
    • Other than the above security token, none of your other account information is accessed, used, stored, or shared
    • As noted above, uploading videos to YouTube utilizes an API Client to access YouTube API Services
  • We don't care about your browsing patterns within the site and do not track that data or any related information
  • If you need assistance understanding these privacy policies or have other questions about the how the API Client uses authorized data, please contact IGMDb admins