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devilmc the movie
(originally published 7.7.07)

===READ ME===
- devilmc the movie -
-Edited by Electry
-Frags by devilmc

"devilmc the movie" has been a long-lasting project but it's finally finished and here for everyone to see. After the release of "Finnish It", devilmc came up to me and asked if I was interested in doing a frag movie for him. At that time I had no other offers so I agreed on doing it. I thought it would be good to have a "smaller", one-player movie as I was quite tired of editing after the making of previous project. I thought this was an easy, simple movie which could be done in ~2 months, but it turned out to be much more time-consuming as expected, thus took me over a year to complete. We had many problems along the way and at one point the movie was about to be canceled due to my final exams, school work and stuff in real life. Fortunately I managed to mobilize the strength to carry on. I really have to thank devilmc for his patience as we originally agreed the deadline to be 2 months after the starting date.

About the movie itself: I tried to create a professionally looking film on this one which I tried to achieve with a clean look all the way. I gotta say that I'm fairly happy with the result. For this movie, devilmc and me selected the songs for the entire project together for a change. I wanted the soundtrack to be more professional as well so it would add up to the clean image of the video content. I mixed all the songs together to float as one single track if you will. devilmc accompanied me on every step I took and it was an interesting experience to work with him.

- Info

Name: devilmc the movie
Duration: 6:40 mins
Resolution: 800x500
Frame rate: 30
Size: 445 MB
Codec: Xvid

- Programs used

Unreal Tournament 2004
Premiere Pro
After Effect
Sony Vegas
Cool Edit Pro
Virtual Dub

  • song   Skinny Puppy: I'mmortal
  • song   Crystal Method: Trip Like I Do
  • song   Massive Attack: Angel
  • song   Harry Gregson-Williams: The World Needs Only One Big Boss
  • song   Peace Orchestra: Who Am I