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by Zaknafein

The clan who everyone remembers, who took the world (and not just Oslo) by storm, defeating everyone in their path and rightfully making their mark in the counter-strike history. eoLithic and their achievements no doubt represent the peak of the Norwegian counter-strike scene, and when the news was delivered about the clan disbanding, a movie had to be made to honor them.

And here it is, the eoLithic movie, later dubbed eoLithic Tribute by some. It shows alot of highlights from eoLithic's career, including frags, LAN camera footage, and teamwork. All put together with simple yet very satisfactory editing and a capturing soundtrack to underline the atmosphere in the movie, which through the years have created strong emotions through a crowd of fans.

Today, on the 10th of October 2006, it is exactly 3 years since the movie was released.
For the occasion, Zaknafein has done some massive research to build a complete profile for the movie, with lots of facts and statistics that all have been verified (no assumptions allowed). Let's enjoy it one more time, in memory of eoLithic!

"A classic" - Creative Movies
"Probably the most emotional movie out there" - Xenoq
"Nothing more to say than: Nice!" - Luke
"The first benchmark video for content, frags and a template for the clan videos that would follow it" - Reflex
"eoLithic definitely ranks among the biggest and best esports films" - TFG
"Wow! That wasn't a good was a f***ing nice movie!" - Hesesses
"Never have I enjoyed a movie so much" - Pava

Directed, edited and created by: Espen K. "Zaknafein" Sjøberg
3D effects by: Zdenko "Defected Goblin" Tudor
Executive Producers: Josh "Flex" M and James "Styla" Bostock
Moviegroup: MovieMakers and PKTV

Ola "element" Moum
Hallvar "knoxville" dehli
Knut Magnus "damien" Hovden
Ruben Alexander "dark" Bielenberg
Lars "naikon" Olaisen
Jørgen "xeqtr" Johannessen
Jonas "luke" Bro

Releasedate: 10th October 2003
Length: 17 min 55 sec
Size: 249 MB
Resolution: 640x480
Codec: DivX 5.1
Audio: Mpeg-Layer 3 (128 kbps)

Applications used:
SK Player
VideoMach 2.7.0
Adobe Premiere 6.5
Virtual Dub 1.5.4
Ulead Cool 3D 3.5
3D Studio Max 5.0
Counter-Strike 1.5

Within Temptation - Ice Queen
Linkin Park - Numb
Powerman 5000 - Bombshell
Evanescence - Going Under
E.S. Posthumus - Cuzco

Zaknafein @ ;)

(10 star system)
9 stars -
8.5 stars - Vdot Media

(5 star system)
4 stars -
4 stars -
4 stars - Team Zex
3 stars - Gamer TV
2.5 stars - EsportsEA

(percentage system)
73% - SoGamed

(5 star system)
5 stars - (Member Rating)
4 stars - Games TV (User Rating)
4 stars - FPS Movies
4 stars - YouTube
4 stars - Filefront

(percentage system)
99% - MovieNations
97% - Counter-Strike Poland
97% - (Visitor Rating)
95% - Core64
95% - Planet Videos
94% - Catch-Gamer
92% -
90% - Google Video
90% - Pir4ta
89% - (Member Rating)
83% - Fegis
77% - CS Flicks
69% - Fraglider

Miscellanous Achievements:
-Winner of Style Productions Media Award
- MovieMaker's choice anno 2004 (
- Unofficial Movie of the Year 2003 (SoGamed)
- 2nd Best Movie All of Time anno 2004 (
- Highest Rated Movie (MovieNations)
- Highest Rated Submitted Movie (Catch-Gamer)
- Most Downloaded Movie 5 Months in a row (GoodGame)
- 2nd Most Downloaded Submitted Movie (Catch-Gamer)
- 4th Highest Rated Movie (CS Flicks)
- 7th Highest Rated Movie 2003 ~ Movies with 100+ votes (Planet-Videos)
- 10th Most Downloaded Counter-Strike Movie (own-age)
- 10th Most Downloaded Movie (CS Flicks)
- Several appearances on television, most noticably GIGA

"Nice movie. I appreciate you spending so much time on such a movie" - Damien
"The movie just had what many movies nowadays lack of: a bright atmosphere." - cRZYFST
"The best CS gaming movie out there. Pure class" - simonb
"The movie is cool. So coooooool" - kaLa
"Goob job with the movie. How more lovely can it get?" - Poirier
"Amazingly good" - Phezzo
"I loved watching this movie, and find myself watching it over and over all the time" -
"Some people have even said they cried at the end" - Esports Entertainment Association

-The movie has been dubbed "eoLithic Tribute" after it's release, because the ex-managers of eoLithic decided they didn't want the movie after all only days before the release. The name was suggested by SoGamed.
-The footage from Mindtrek in the end was uploaded specifically for Zaknafein after conversing with the leader of the LAN.
-The song "Bombshell" was also featured in the movie "Zex @ ESWC", which was released only 6 hours before "eoLithic". It was a coincidence.
-Zaknafein's cat appears 6 times in the movie, hidden.

RIP eoLithic. We will never forget you!

PS: I love all of you!

640 x 480 30fps DivX 1853Kbps 249 MB
  • song   Within Temptation: Ice Queen
  • song   Linkin Park: Numb
  • song   Powerman 5000: Bombshell
  • song   Evanescence: Going Under
  • song   E.S. Posthumus: Cuzco