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Posted by: Ozon   (May 4, 2015)





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Hi fellas!

I'm really proud to finally present you my first ever fragmovie. The Real Shootmania has been a project I've been working on for a really long time (7 months). Thanks to the support of Cuba, Sprint and Basbaas I got to finish it this early!

TRS is currently my best movie and my symbol of what I have achieved over the years. All my experience and skills were necessary to finish this one. Also, I got to learn alot of things. Wanted to thank the people in multichat again for playing alot of Shootmania with me.

The Style I chose this time was DnB / Neurofunk again, aswell as one little neurohop part. Listened alot to dnb recently, so I kinda got into it. It's when you are listening to music, you get the best ideas. So TRS is my most agressive-edited movie to date and it will probably stay that way for a long time.

Tried to work alot on the details this time, aswell as keep a very classic style; that means keeping the after-editing of the frags to a minimum. No fx on the frags. You should enjoy the shots, not the effects I'd use. Using the power of the perfect cut and camera made this video. You cannot imagine how often I rearranged some frags and cams just to make it perfect. It was worth it. Every damn second. If you are planning to make a SM Fragmovie, I prepared a zip with some modified sound fx's for Shootmania, aswell as the original ones, so you can use them over the original game sound, which is terrible.

Special thanks to Basbaas, Cuba, Sprint and Papychampy for "beta-testing" my movie.

Also thanks to everyone who watched this movie till the very end and to all of my supporters.

Skin Download:
SoundFX Pack:

Thanks for watching!