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Few words from me, I mean sraka (or demon):

Hello everyone! I'd like present my first movie about Quake Live and Quake 3 Arena mod - defrag. This movie is effect of pointless discussion at one of quake.net.pl subforums and shows possibilities of tricking in QL and few runs from defrag.

Editing and performance by me (ye big words, I opened Vegas yesterday for first time, and I didn't know how to add movie and music :))

*** About content:
Few defrag runs (mostly recorded online) which are or aren't world records atm (honestly, I don't care :) and few things that make tricking in Quake Live big joke.

*** About video:

xvid codec, only fpp cams, fraps used :D, time of creation: one evening (with watching Vegas tutorial for noobs :D).

*** Music/sounds:

Cannibal Corpse - Make Them Suffer
Tokio Mew Mew - Butterfly
Beck - E Pro
'o kurwa...' taken from 'Dzien Swira' movie
And cherry at the top of the cake - I forgot to remove my soundpack in defrag, so you can hear weird sounds like 'spaghetti like gibsplash' :PP

*** PS:

Support Quake community by joining it, killing another quakers and beating WRs in defrag!! Here are some useful webpages:

*** http://www.quakelive.com *** - enter site, download plugin, kill these sons of bitchez :D

*** http://www.quake.net.pl/?page=download&run=det&kat=6&... *** - Quake Pro Installer - enter page for description and download

*** http://www.q3df.org/ *** - defrag servers (still full of life :D yay)

*** http://q3a.ath.cx/ *** - you wanna map? This site provides 10.000 defrag/q3 maps especially for you! ;)

*** http://cggdev.org/ *** - defrag's developer's site. Here you can get defrag mod (still and still updated!) and few more very useful things (like dfengine)

*** http://www.breakdown-hq.com/ *** - Czech/Slovakia defrag fans site. One of the most popular sites, mostly because it's organizing Defrag World Cups

*** http://defrag.pl/ *** - we wanted it to be a World Defrag Center (since Gwen deleted his own someday), but it didn't work, so, well, fuck it :P

*** http://defrag-competition.info/ *** - as adress says - there are infos about recent defrag competitions :P

*** http://www.esreality.com/ *** - fresh news about e-sport scene in q3/ql

Dunno what to add here, there are so many good webpages. So if you wanna find greatness of tricking in quake, try defrag, and if you want to punish some whining kids with big e-pen0r - play QL :))

Dunno what say else, just watch it :)
Have fun!

Ah I almost forgot :D special thanks go to (even if you don't want it - fo :)

Chooy - my bitch, I love you in the ass baby (figuratively ofkz, we're not gays... :P)

latex clan members, r3v dlan members, pK clan members (if you are still alive :))

All PTC staff and polish defrag/q3/ql community :* I won't put names here, cause my keyboard is ending :P

Hf, gl, etc.

640 x 480 30fps Xvid 3547Kbps 180 MB
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