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They appear in thunder, and lie in wait for their challengers.
LeXeR and uNkind the undefeated champions opens the arena once again. Interrupted by Cooller & ZeRo4, who want to take the opportunity to reach the final tier again.
Created by Patrick 'dKsL' Stürmer

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Nightmare 2 is a 24 minutes long fragmovie, which contains a sidestory.

In the last 8 months this was by far the most fun and head-wrecking project i was ever working on. I had many high and lows during the process which i never experienced in any of my previous works before. After Nightmare 1 was released, i had a little break and began to thinking about how to continue the story, puting it to an end, and write a small "storyscript" in the following days.

With Nightmare 2 my goal was to place the fear, and tension into the foreground of what these players are capable of,
and giving it more "depth" in contrast to the prequel. A atmosphere, which contains some special moments, and a "storybuild-up" which shows the frags you all know (or not) in a different way. It was also very important to give the Playermodels/Characters a face and some emotions, while Cooller and ZeRo 4 climbs up the Tier-Levels.
Especially in the last moments. I think the movie works good on both ways (the esports as well as the cinematic aspect).

It was very important to keep the connection between the scenes. So for me the high amount of alternative point-of-view shots was necessary, to keep the atmosphere together over the runtime. Some may find it too much, but without those scenes the concept of the movie would get destroyed. When the arena turns red again and the 2 xaeros appear, the movie becomes more cinematic as i wanted it usually. For that part i had 80 % of the demos from the wrong demotaker, so after the impactshot q3mme is switching instantlly to 3rd. cam. that was one of the "low moments" i had during the process, because i really wanted it in the other way around. I put alot of time in that part to compensate that, or find an another option, and im pleased with the outcome of it.

The red fog was also improved. After the release of "nightmare 1" i saw it on different tft and lcds and i was very upset with the brightness, compared to my CRT. I reduce the thickness a little bit and change the fx to color channel, which should result in pure red on all kind of monitors, and let it more room for textures around it. Sound wise i also put here the most effort into this, compared to all my previous works. It took me several months to mix the complete soundtrack together with some pitched/manipulated sounds, and sfx into the movie to emphasize some parts.

With the end of this movie i want to thank you all from memorial till nightmare for your criticism and feedback, which improved my skills alot from one release to another, and keep me motivated during the last months of working on my visions.

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

ExpandSoundtrack (Chronological order)

Cinetrax - Beneath The Surface (Opening)
Vangelis - Main Title/Prologue (Opening)
Audiomachine - Blood And Stone (The Arrival)
Two Steps From Hell - Galaga (Nightmare2 titlescreen)
Two Steps From Hell - The Year is (Nightmare2 titlescreen)
Joseph Trapanese, Aria Pryogi, Fajar Yuskemal - Showdown (Cooller & ZeRo4 action #1)
Joseph Trapanese, Aria Pryogi, Fajar Yuskemal - Club Battle (Cooller & ZeRo4 action #2)
Ryan Amon - Id Like Them Dead ("King Kong Ain't Got Shit On Me")
Steve Jablonsky - Driller Attack (Xaero appears)
Trevor Morris - Walking The Plank (Xaero Backflip)
Steve Jablonsky - Jesse And The Police (Xaero Nightmare)
Christophe Beck - Mimics And Alphas (Xaero attack #1)
Junkie XL - History Of Artemisia (Xaero attack #2)
Junkie XL - Greeks On Attack (Xaero attack #3)
Junkie XL - Fog Battle (ZeRo4 vs. LeXeR)
Ryan Amon - Kruger Suits Up (Hellgate)
Ryan Amon - Fire And Water (Broken Bones)
Elliot Goldenthal - It Wont Kill Me (Sudden Death)
Mark Mancina - Going After Sandman (Endcredits #1)
Mark Mancina - Wolf against Dogs (Endcredits #2)


Elliot Goldenthal
Trevor Morris
Ryan Amon
Mark Mancina
Lorne Balfe
Two Steps From Hell
Steve Jablonsky
Joseph Trapanese
Aria Pryogi
Fajar Yuskemal
Christophe Beck
Junkie XL



SVP 12

ExpandSpecial Thanks

SoKaR - Nalipotanka (Creator of "Lost at Satans Sea")
Vincent Vega (Creator of "The Evil Cathedral")

PS: Please watch for the first time the download-file instead of the stream. Thanks.

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