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~ Assault Legendary

~ A Unreal Tournament 1 assault only movie by Wouter "orchild" Kapteijn

A long awaited and promised movie has finally become a reality.
2 years have passed since the beginning of this project.
After losing all of the progress in a complete harddisc failure,
I decided to restart on this project and do it even better then what previously had been made and then lost.

Presenting the UTAssault.net community and a total of 16 players of its players.
This movie contains some of the finest moments by these 16 players of their last +/- 2 years in UT1 assault gaming.
Containing a wide variety of footage, from mid air rockets, mid air flacks, hammer saves, insane combo's
to the sickest ever seen sniping footage.

Most of which are, close saves, runs getting objectives or team covering!
Ofcourse an assault only movie is not complete without the humour, funny moments and just plain assault traits!
Also expect to see some laming, camping, spamming, noob killing, some "i cant hit anything" moments and last but not least, sneaking footage!

With that being said, the movie is at a resolution of 1280x720 at 40fps in both mp4 as well as good old xvid quality.
Something to suit all needs for playback as well as being viewable online in good quality streaming.
Even non UT1 players and non assault players will be able to enjoy this movie.
Yet to fully understand all footage, some knowledge of assault is required. (most clips have objective flags included though)

A big and massive thanks goes out to ALL the players that send in their demos, even if you didn't made the final cut.
It took me 1.5 years to even get all the demos that I needed for the movie together duo to most of the people in assault community being lazy bums and not renaming their demos!
A lot of effort went into this movie, mostly in the sense of having 8 UT's in total for movie making (god what a buggie game!) (of which in the end only 1 kept working..) and complete starting over after 6 months of hard work!

Massive thanks to W1z4, subz`, bamse and auri for helping me out in one way or another with the quality settings!!
Also a massive thanks to my big brother Basement for helping me get rid of footage bugs and adjusting the sound settings!
Third massive thanks to the servers who are hosting my movie and the respected music artists.

Enjoy the movie!
~ orchild

1280 x 720 40fps x264 4238Kbps 552 MB
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