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As time passes over in this online reality that ordinary all over the world compete in a player can be shown to be the greatest. Over this time movies will be made about these players boasting their abilities as they take down 3, 4, 5 members of the opposite team in sucession. Players will remember Fragarea 1 and 2 from its focus upon Parodia's victory over Idle.ee in Eurocup XII to the victory that the Netherlands dealt over Germany in Nationscup IX. Of course between those two Fragareas and now he also was responsible for the Winghaven's Second Nature movie.

But now after a single month of slaving at his PC with moviemaking tools Korean moviemaker Quaky has finished Fragarea 3 which focuses upon the more recent events from Quakecon 2005 up to and including the CPC2 event. Much like it's pre-decessors this Fragarea focuses on the big hits that players make in order to lead their team onto victory.

I caught up with Quaky to get his view on his finished piece:
"I think it's a really nice movie, and really hope that you all enjoy it as much as you did with Fragarea 1 and 2."

These are just a few of the players in the movie:

Butchji, dAv1d, Fireball, Bullvox, Gifty, Jakazc, Kris, Kot, Wizzel, Mystic, Night, Saccii, Clown, mAus, Doktor, Senji, Senti, Sexyhot, Toxic, Special, aCoZz, r1co, Holz, Wiesiek, Winghaven, Wrobel, Vila, Lasek, Linuxero

The movie also incorporates action from CPC2 focusing on the players of The Last Resort , Evolve ,
Dignitas and Impact Gaming all to the sounds of Quaky's ghettoblaster music.

From my personal point the movie is at a good length, 6 minutes and 45 seconds of quality fragging action from some players whom none of us have ever heard of, and once again Quaky has provided a great way of presenting a tournament in his movies. The only minor point about it is that it does miss some defining frags yet maybe they will be used in the next Fragarea? We'll have to wait and find out.



#quaky.net at quakenet.org

Music :
Crystal Method – Keep Hope Alive
DJ TATANA – Saltwater
Drowning pool – Step up (Trailer)
Limp Bizkit – Build a bridge (Trailer)

1280 x 720 30fps Xvid with AVS 8000Kbps 405 MB
  • song   Crystal Method: Keep Hope Alive
  • song   DJ TATANA: Saltwater
  • song   Drowning pool: Step up
  • song   Limp Bizkit: Build a bridge