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slow mode by Splozy - August 24, 2022, 3:42 pm PDT
Fun match. Poor 1984, it wasn't his best day :)
My Super Sweet Sixteen by viigo - June 16, 2022, 2:09 pm PDT
Some of the best editing in a UT2004 movie, despite the subpar image quality by today's standards...
Reminiscence by cop - May 1, 2022, 1:44 pm PDT
Slightly over-edited in my opinion (mostly too dark). But awesome frags and very nice music by Ko...
ENGINE 2 by lolograde - April 26, 2022, 1:58 pm PDT
Reflex race, strafe only.
Some beautiful maps and very neat runs on them, with hypnotic downtempo...
Quake Cyber Generation by ZeroQL and Domino - April 13, 2022, 3:13 pm PDT
Fantastic frags! Very good editing (cameras, angles, slowdown where needed). Music is subjective,...